Friday, June 07, 2013

Travelin' man

I'm not sure how it has happened that I end up traveling so much ... I'd much rather sit still and relax.

Instead, here is my travel schedule for the week after next:

June 15: London to Basel, Switzerland
June 15: Basel to London
June 16: London to San Francisco
June 22: San Francisco to Seattle
June 22: Seattle to San Francisco
June 23: San Francisco to London

That's two out-and-back-in-a-single-day trips, combined with two 9-hour international flights.

I suppose as long as you keep running, the sadness can't catch you!


  1. Why you going to Seattle? Have to finish up house stuff?

  2. Nope, the house stuff is 100% done and was able to be done without stepping foot in Seattle. Just had a bunch of Alaska Airlines miles to burn through now that I don't fly them anymore, so I had a free day on the West Coast and a way to get to Seattle for free ... might as well go for it! I'll only be there for five hours, so I hope I can grab some lunch with friends before jumping right back on the plane.

  3. I see. BTW... This is Mum. :-)